Compal Volunteer Activities and Training

Apart from its main businesses, giving back to society has been a mission of Compal. To encourage our employees to get involved in the community, we launched the "all for public welfare" campaign, encouraging our employees to participate in public services during their leisure time. This concept of volunteer service has also been extended to the colleges, encouraging the highly educated college students to serve the society with their professional skills. 

Compal Volunteer Club

The activities of the Compal Volunteer Club were affected by COVID-19. Compal employees volunteered 39 times in 3 sessions at Shanghu Elementary School, and volunteered a total of 115 person-times during the year. The club has therefore volunteered 7,766 person-times over 13 years.

In 2021, 57 colleagues from COMPAL Volunteer Club and Guitar Club offer  volunteer services for children of Bali Aisin Home and Guoling Elementary School, total serving 112 people in the whole year and a total of 7,651 people in 12 years.

College Volunteers

  Compal Reading Volunteer  

Compal has been working with university/college clubs and students since 2007 to contribute to the learning of disadvantaged children in remotely located schools and under-funded communities by accompanying them in reading and after-school tuition, in light of making a contribution to the learning of disadvantaged children. The reduced impact of COVID-19 in 2022 saw 10 clubs complete their service. 311 university volunteers served 1,097 schoolchildren and local residents. Compal completed 216 projects between 2007 and 2022. 5,000 person- times student volunteers provided services 17,7765 person-times to rural schoolchildren and residents.
  Compal x FJCU "Kangaroo Project"  
The 4rd year in 2022, Compal in cooperation with Fu Jen University, Center of Care Services for Rural Area Education. A total of 113 Fu Jen student volunteers, 72 hours of training, and 562 hours of service.



Updated on July 21, 2023