Cherishing the Green Planet

Ecology Protection 

In response to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by the United Nations, with 14th item "Life below Water" to be persistently implemented in 2022 as the main approach, our Actions as below:

 Encouraged employees to participate in environmental volunteering activities on their own initiative.
 Continue to support the UN 30 (ocean) x 30 (land) project.
 Promote environmental education and coastal clean-ups.
 Organize ecological courses on learning about local bio-diversity.
 Use our corporate influence to participate in environmental initiatives.poorly lit reading environments at home.

2022 Outcomes:

1. 87 employees and families registered for the joint corporate coastal clean-up event for Neihu Technology Park companies being held for the 3rd year at Jinshan-Wanli. More than 600 people took part in the coastal clean-up and removed approximately 911 kg of ocean waste from Yuantan River mouth and the beaches at Xialiao and Dingliao.
15 employees from the Green Life Style Club took part in the “Chinese Crested Tern Conservation Action” seminar to learn about the conservation project for the critically endangered Chinese Crested Tern.
44 employees from the Green Life Style Club and their families joined Unicom Global on a coastal clean-up in Wanli- Xialiao.
Five wetland conservation c lasses and tours of the mangroves were conducted. The 202 participants included Compal employees and their families. 606 person-hours of ecological education were conducted.
Compal participated in the “Doing Something for Danshui River” joint initiative introducing the ecosystem of the Danshui River basin.