Transforming the Wearable Industry by Bridging Technology with Aesthetics

As the market for IoT wearable devices expands and evolves, Compal is well positioned as an innovator and trend setter. From Smartwatches to health trackers to Smart Clothing, we are already designing and manufacturing the next generation of wearable technologies. Wearable devices are a form of self-expression that showcase your style to the world. Wearables are technology on-the- go that allow consumers to access information or functions they desire, enhancing their lifestyle and connectivity. Through investment in R&D, partners in our network, and client-centric services, Compal produces high quality wearable devices that shape today’s digital lifestyles.

Investment in Market Research Predicts Need and Creates Demand

Compal believes that market insight can both reflect or shape consumer behavior. Our R&D team proactively gathers and analyzes trends to deliver products that exceed expectations. Whether you are a startup or industry leader in fashion, fitness, healthcare, or technology, we can help you develop wearable devices that fulfill consumers’ need. Compal’s market research and exceptional R&D capability produces quality data that predicts future trends allowing you to create demand where it does not currently exist.

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Utilizing Relationships to Add Value and Increase Innovation

Compal’s believes our network, built from a long history of design and manufacturing, adds value for our clients. Upon entry into the wearable market we first consulted with partners to identify key features that consumers value in a watch. Then we drew upon our preexisting relationships to develop the technical features of smartwatches. Compal’s network of artisans aided in our selection of components including buttons, glass, and gold coatings. We understand that aesthetics is as important as functionality. Since beauty is in the eyes of the beholder Compal offers a variety of faces and bands that allow you to suit many different styles. By collaborating with our partners, we preserved key aspects of watches while innovating to make them smarter, more efficient and fashionable.

Client-centric Philosophy Gives you an Edge

Compal’s client-centric approach builds lasting bonds while our industry know-how allows us to cater to your specific needs. We understand wearables are not a one-size-fits-all device and must reflect everyone’s unique sense of style. If you are a luxury brand seeking to introduce a smartwatch product line, we are capable of bridging technology with fashion. For example, luxury smartwatches require a specific kind of glass with the perfect curvature and polish. Compal understands the aesthetic features and technical specifications that separate luxury from fashion watches. We have years of experience designing and manufacturing all types of smartwatches and health trackers. Our flexibility to adjust to your desires enhances a company’s competitive edge.