The Revolution in Mobile Devices Begins with Compal

In today’s mobile phone market small changes to technical specifications are often branded and celebrated as innovative. For Compal, innovation changes the rules of the game and redefines the industry. Cat S60, winner of the MWC 2016 best product award, revolutionized smartphones with the world’s first thermal imaging camera and forged new standards for ruggedness and durability. Even our approach to post-production sales and marketing established a new benchmark that other designers and manufacturers will be judged on.

Trend Setting FLIR Camera Phones

Compal has the ability to envision and actualize unprecedented ideas. In the past, forward looking infrared (FLIR) attachments were available for mobile devices or as stand-alone cameras. Cat S60 marked a turning point when Compal’s R&D team integrated FLIR cameras into mobile phones making the technology more accessible to consumers. There are infinite possibilities for mobile phones with FLIR technology: the automotive industry, construction, environmental monitoring and sensing, first responders, health care, law enforcement, mechanical and maintenance, outdoor enthusiasts, or veterinarians. The FLIR app allows users to measure specific temperatures of different on-screen objects or calculate the average between them.

HP Laptop

Innovating Form and Function

At Compal innovation includes mechanical design as well as improvements in electronics. Cat S60’s stainless steel, carbon fiber die cast frame makes it drop-proof to 1.8m. It can withstand extreme temperatures from -25 to 55C. With the unique Lockdown Switch feature, CatS60 is one of the world’s most dustproof and waterproof smartphone that survives in depths up to 5m for 60 mins. These features exceed MIL-STD 810G requirements and allowed the Cat S60 to achieve IP68 certification. In order to test specifications and ensure optimal performance we updated all of our factories.

Enhanced Product Visibility in Addition to Design and Manufacturing

In order to provide a more comprehensive service to clients Compal formed a subsidiary called Palcom, which invests in promotions and marketing during the latter stage of product development. Palcom helps clients identify key target audiences and create go-to-market strategies by conducting detailed analysis of consumer behavior. For Cat S60, we emphasized participation in road shows that allow direct consumer engagement to demonstrate how the phone fulfills their needs and gather feedback. Compal is the perfect partner for design, development, manufacturing, and marketing of revolutionary ideas.