Advancing the Future of Servers Through Innovation

Servers are the foundation of IT, from cloud computing, big data, VR, to IoT. Compal is conscious of the fact that servers are a long-term investment that requires reliability and stability. As a result, we have designed our servers to exceed government regulated standards of dependability that companies demand. With Compal’s assistance, our partners continue to expand their worldwide shares in the server market. Through innovative thinking, dynamic adaptability, and industry leading testing facilities, Compal designs and manufactures high quality, cutting-edge servers.

Innovative Thinking

Compal believes that innovation is the biggest motivator of growth. Our philosophy is that the impossible is always possible. No is not in our vocabulary. We proactively predict trends in the server market in order to address emerging consumer demand. The synergy between your needs and our insights into market trends will add value to the end product. For example, our newest servers offer greater energy efficiency, higher performance levels, enhanced reliability and cost-effective scalability for future requirements in fields like VR and IoT.

Dynamic Adaptability

Compal provides customized solutions through collaboration with our clients. Whether you have a complete plan and design, a prototype, a piece of technology, or just an idea, Compal is your ideal partner. We offer a wide array of services ranging from manufacturing to design consultancy.
Compal’s experience with platform, blade and multi-node servers provide the flexibility to adjust to specific needs. Our use of integrated systems for product management shortens development time and increases efficiency.

Industry Leading Testing Facilities

To ensure that Compal’s servers reach the maximum standards for stability and reliability we invested in world-class, state-of-the-art testing and production facilities. Our team of industry experts put servers through a series of rigorous tests on integration and loading in the development phase. Accordingly, our servers are certified, have a powerful capacity, and their performance will surpass your expectations.