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Forging Genuine Relations with Dell to Redefine Ultrabook Market by Designing First Carbon Fiber C-Panel and InfinityEdge Screen

Compal is proud to support our clients by bringing their ideas to reality. We support our clients when they challenge boundaries and break barriers. The Dell XPS 13 is a case study that demonstrates how Compal supported our client to achieve this objective. The XPS 13 blurs the line between a consumer and corporate laptop. Its unique carbon fiber panel and InfinityEdge borderless screen were two of the main reasons the XPS 13 was a Best of CES finalist in 2015.

Sincerity and Data from R&D Build Lasting Bonds

Compal believes long-term relationships are based on both transparency about potential problems and R&D that demonstrates the feasibility of designs. Dell approached us because they had ambitions which they thought were challenging and contained undefined challenge. We felt it could work but needed numerous tests of materials and sub-materials to validate Dell’s idea. By conducting multiple assessments, we generate enough data to prove designs work or are not worth the risk. Our method that emphasizes frankness and experimentation breeds trust between Compal and our clients. This strong partnership benefits clients as Compal is involved at earlier stages when designs are rough and vague.

DELL Laptop

A Little Help from Compal’s Friends Resolve Problems with Scaling First Carbon Fiber C-Panel

Some problems are too large or difficult to address alone. Compal is honored to have built an interconnected Network for production that includes many smaller reasons and tooling companies. Dell's XPS 13 inspired Ultrabook design by integral high end elements in places that already potentially high rates Carbon fiber components are trending in the laptop market and Dell hope to use them in new ways to enhance User experience. However, mass production of carbon fiber presents a mechanical challenge It creates small distortions instead of smooth surfaces. Compression by this concerns by working with Friends in our network. The XPS 13 is artfully constructed from premium materials that stay cool under Pressure, increase durability and reduce weight. Through collaboration and problem solving we provided Dell With a redesigned XPS 13 and the first carbon fiber C-panel in the market.

A Melting Pot of Industry Practices Overcomes Obstacles

Sometimes innovation happens in ways that you do not anticipate or predict. During testing of the XPS 13 we discovered a problem that ended up revealing a cutting-edge solution. R&D found the screen was too large to fit the case. Compal incorporated our knowledge of engineering techniques used in other industries to design a display with a smaller bezel that maintains top level graphics.  We produced a 13-inch monitor in an ultrabook that would normally use an 11-inch.  Our virtually borderless InfinityEdge display combines performance, practicality, and style.

2015 CES Innovation awards and the finalists list