Auto Electronics

Drive Smarter with Remarkably Reliable Automotive Solutions

Smart cars are the future and we are the partner who can take your technology into the next generation. In the last decade Compal built solid relationships with a range of leading automotive manufacturers. Most important, our solutions improve safety and enhance efficiency, thereby amplifying your automotive experience.

Pioneering the Auto Industry Through Process in Design

Compal continues to recruit experienced and talented experts to lead our automotive business unit. We stress the significance of process control with an emphasis on monitoring manufacturing process parameters. This allows Compal to guarantee that all products are consistently produced with precision. Early in the product development stage our parallel process encourages R&D to simultaneously investigate how products can be manufactured on a large scale and maintained throughout the products lifecycle.

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Quality Assurance to Exceed Industry Standards

The foremost concerns in the automotive industry are quality assurance and reliability. Compal measures its defect rates in PPM to ensure our products stand up to some of the rigorous tests in the industry. Our factories were successfully audited by the most prominent car manufacturers in the world including Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, and Suzuki. In addition, all of our factories are ISO-9001, ISO-14001, and OHSAS 18000 certified.

Award Winning Automotive Electronics

Compal has ten years of experience and won numerous awards in our mobile computing product line, which is made up of telematics and AV entertainment. Our Intel powered Infotainment system contains state-of-the-art GSM and GPS technology as well as Gyro sensors for navigation assistance. Compal Two DIN AVNs offer DVD playback, hands-free Bluetooth®, and USB direct control. In addition, our Two DIN car PCs have built-in Wifi for easy web access, hands-free Bluetooth®, and USB direct control.