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Year 2017 - Compal Monthly Sales Announcement Schedule

Month Release Date Remark
Dec-16 2017/1/9 Mon
Jan-17 2017/2/9 Thu
Feb-17 2017/3/9 Thu
Mar-17 2017/4/7 Fri Apr 9 is Sunday
Apr-17 2017/5/9 Tue
May-17 2017/6/9 Fri
Jun-17 2017/7/7 Fri Jul 9 is Sunday
Jul-17 2017/8/9 Wed
Aug-17 2017/9/8 Fri Sep 9 is Saturday
Sep-17 2017/10/11 Wed Oct 7-10 is Holiday
Oct-17 2017/11/9 Thu
Nov-17 2017/12/8 Fri Dec 9 is Saturday
Dec-17 2018/1/9 Tue

Note: Monthly sales announcement date is based on each 9th of the month. However, if 9th is the official holiday, the announcement date will be scheduled to the prior or the latter working day, depends on the circumstances.

Major Announcements

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