June 26, 2015
Compal 2015 AGM Announcement

Compal Electronics, Inc. (Compal) (TAIEX: 2324) today held 2015 Annual General Shareholders’ Meeting (the “Meeting”), hosted by Chairman Sheng-Hsiun Hsu. The Meeting ratified 2014 Business Report and Financial Statements. Shareholders approved the proposal of 2014 cash dividends of NT$1.5 per share (include profits distribution of NT$1.0, and additional cash distribution from capital surplus of NT$0.5).


Other major resolutions of the Meeting, indicated by Compal Spokesperson, Gary Lu, were as follows:  


Shareholders elected Compal 12th term of Board of Directors. The tenure of each Director will be commencing from June 26, 2015 and ending on June 25, 2018.   


The twelve Directors are Sheng-Hsiung HSU, Jui-Tsung CHEN, Wen-Being HSU, Kinpo Electronics, Inc., Charng-Chyi KO, Sheng-Chieh HSU, Yen-Chia CHOU, Wen-Chung SHEN, Yung-Ching CHANG, Chung-Pin WONG, Chiung-Chi HSU, Chao-Cheng Chen.


The three Independent Directors are Min-Chih Hsuan, Duei Tsai, Duh-Kung Tsai.




Compal Electronics, Inc.

Gary LU

Senior Vice President and Spokesman

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