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As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of notebook PCs, LCD products and smart devices with exceptional quality, we take pride in bringing R&D, quality manufacturing, and innovative design concepts to new heights and scales.


Rock Hsu


Rock Hsu is the Chairman of Compal Electronics. With more than four decades of experience in business, Mr. Hsu is also serving concurrently as the Chairman of more than 30 other technological companies in Taiwan. Because of his outstanding leadership and his exceptional accomplishments, he received numerous acknowledgements and awards over the years. Mr. Hsu is also the President of the China Productivity Center, Chairman of the Genernal Chinese National Federation of Industries, Honorary Director-General of Taiwan Electrical & Electronic Manufacturers’ Association and Importers & Exporters Association of Taipei, and National Policy Advisor under the Office of the President and Advisor of the Executive Yuan.

Ray Chen

President & CEO

Ray Chen currently holds the positions of President, CEO and Board Member of Compal Electronics. Leading Compal through a period of substantial growth, Mr. Chen made Compal Electronics the world’s largest notebook PC manufacturer in 2010. Also serving as the Chairman and President at varies technological companies such as Acardyan Technology Corporation, Mr. Chen was named “The Best CEO” in Taiwan by Institutional Investors in 2004, and received the International Entrepreneur title in the Entrepreneur of The Year 2010 Award. As Mr. Chen continues to lead Compal’s management to deploy for the future and strengthen the Company’s competitive edge, he will also assume an aggressive stance towards the development of a new source of energy to propel Compal towards future developments.

Martin Wong

Executive Vice President

Martin Wong serves as Executive Vice President and Board Member of Compal Electronics. Mr. Wong joined Compal in 1989 and has served in leadership roles for over 27 years, playing key leadership in sales, marketing and procurement for Personal Computer Business Group (PCBG), helping to propel Compal’s growth, foster and solidify its reputation as a leading ODM company.

Stephen Chen

Executive Vice President

Stephen Chen serves as Executive Vice President and Board Member of Compal Electronics. He is responsible for running the Smart Device Business Group (SDBG) - one of the largest and most cutting edge mobile R&D department in Taiwan. Mr. Chen holds a degree in Electronic Engineering from the National Taiwan University.

Basic Information

Company Name Compal Electronics, Inc.
Market Listed Company
Industry Computer and Peripheral Equipment
Symbol Compal
Code 2324
Date of Listing 1992/2/18
Chairman Hsu, Sheng-Hsiung
General Manager Chen, Jui-Tsung
Spokesman Lu, Ching-Hsiung
Title of Spokesman Vice President
Fiscal Year_end 31-Dec
Accounting Firm KPMG Certified Public Accountants
CPA (Chartered Public Accountant)1 Kuo, Kuan Ying
CPA (Chartered Public Accountant)2 Au, Yiu Kwan
Address No. 581 & 581-1, Ruiguang Rd., Neihu District, Taipei City 11492, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Telephone (02)87978588
Fax (02)26591566
Email Address
Web Address

Organizational Chart

Major Corporate Functions

Department Functions
President’s Office Responsible for the Company’s operation
Investment Planning and Management Office Responsible for investment-related activities, operational analyses, policy making, resource allocation, and budgeting for the entire company
Auditing Office Conducts internal audits
Legal Affairs Office Handles the Company’s legal affairs
Green Sustainability Office Executes "Green Life" projects
Insider Trading Prevention Office Implements preventive measures against insider trading
Corporate Social Responsibility Office Promotes and executes CSR-related affairs
PCBG Responsible for the R&D, production, quality control and sale of PC and related products
Smart Device BG Responsible for the R&D, production, quality control and sale of smart devices and display products.
Accounting Group Handles accounting, share administration, and funding affairs
HR & Administration Group Responsible for human resource, training, education, employee relations, procurement and building management