"People-oriented; Giving back to the society what we have taken from it."

Ever since Compal’s initiation, the Company has upheld its “people-oriented” corporate spirit of “giving back to the society what we have taken from it” to achieve our operational goal of “creating a sustainable lifestyle for mankind through technology. By delivering holistic solutions for every one of our stakeholders, we aspire to change the society with the power we hold as a business so that we may achieve Compal’s vision of “Green Technology, Cloud Computing and Illuminating Life.”

After adopting the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as outlined by the United Nations in 2016, we have been pro-actively adjusting our operations by the material issues of concern for our stakeholders and SDGs as we identify ourselves as a global corporate citizen. We have established the following six strategies of sustainability that will enable us to strive a healthy balance in the rights of different stakeholders and identify our targets of sustainable development in the future.


I.     Achieve sound corporate governance through integrity

Compal attaches great emphasis on the transparency of its operation and corporate governance. According to the Company Act, Securities and Exchange Act and other pertinent regulations, the Company has constructed an effective framework for corporate governance. Our Remuneration Committee was established in 2011; three independent directors were elected in 2012 and in 2015, Compal set up its Auditing Committee, which involves all incumbent independent directors as its members. The committee was created in the hopes of strengthening the functions of independent directors and improving the quality of the Board of Directors’ resolutions so that Compal can safeguard the rights of its shareholders and stakeholders improve information transparency and stay true to its spirit of corporate governance.

Our insistence on openness, transparency and measures are taken to strengthen the functions of the Board of Directors have helped Compal to place in the top 6%-20% among all listed companies in Taiwan in the “Corporate Governance Evaluation” by TWSE for four consecutive years. Other distinctions we have received include being named in the FTSE4GOOD Index for 3 years running and the MSCI ESG Leaders Index for 12 consecutive years. These distinctions reflect the acknowledgment from international organizations on the effort and values of sustainable investment from Compal.

II.    To be people-oriented and emphasize employee care

Treating our employees as members of our family has always been the unwavering value for Compal ever since the company’s establishment. As such, Compal provides employees with a safe and healthy working environment, comprehensive career plans, and competitive salaries and benefits so that they may devote themselves to work free of worries. We are pleased to note that Compal has received the Badge of Accredited Healthy Workplace in 2018, which validates the care and commitment to occupational safety that all Compal employees enjoy. Not only that, the Company has set up a variety of communication channels to care for employees and understand their needs. Through efforts such as health promotion events, we offer our employees’ opportunities to develop their strengths and promote their quality of life. To combat low-childbirth rate, Compal continues to offer its childbirth incentive subsidy of NT$ 66,000 for each child in 2018, helping to support the families for a total of 253 newborns. In 2019, we will introduce new employee assistance programs and health promotional plans for employees to step up the Company’s existing efforts towards employee care. Compal has been voted as one of the top 20 best companies by white-collar workers in early 2019 in the “Best Technology Company Survey” held by 1111 Job Bank.

III.   Promote environmental sustainability through effective production

In 2018, Compal has devoted even more attention and energy to the fulfillment of its corporate social responsibilities and the development of environmental sustainability. The Company has focused on mitigation and adapting to climate changes through sustained involvement in green product designs, energy-saving management practices at production facilities, response capacities towards extreme climates and reduce unwanted waste during production through systematic management approaches. By ensuring effective use and control of energy resources, Compal shall create more economic value and environmental benefits to become more competitive. Compal has been taking part in the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) for five consecutive years (2014-2018) and in 2018, we completed our disclosure of climate-related risks and opportunities under the TCFD [1]framework. Besides, we also completed the introduction of the ISO 50001 energy management system at our Pingzhen(Taoyuan), Kunshan and Chengdu plants to improve management efficacy and reduce energy wastage through the real-time online system to monitor the operation of the production line equipment.

IV.   Promoting CSR management by working with our supply chain

To fulfill our corporate social responsibilities (CSR) through our operations, Compal will be working with its supply chain partners and jointly share the responsibilities in compliance towards regulations on the environment, labor rights, management system, ethics, safety and health. This is achieved by asking our suppliers to sign and comply with Responsible Business Alliance’s Standard Commitment and Declaration to Ban/Non-Use of Conflict Minerals so that our suppliers will understand and follow the footsteps and beliefs of Compal as we work together on issues of environment, labor safety and health. In 2018, we completed our conflict mineral investigation for suppliers and implemented stricter CSR audit and management for our tier-one suppliers. In 2019, we plan to collaborate with our customers and suppliers to jointly establish a supplier CSR management platform before the end of 2020 so that we can inspire more to join our cause as we contribute toward a sustainable future.

V.    Preparing for the future of the sector with innovative technologies

Renowned worldwide for innovative product designs, Compal not only received the prestigious Gold Statement Award in Germany’s iF Design Award for two consecutive years but also has received an impressive 67 iF design awards for eight years running starting from 2011, placing Compal at the 17th place in iF Design Award Global Enterprise Ranking. Apart from product innovation, Compal has stayed ahead of the game through system innovation to make relevant manufacturing processes more efficient and dramatically reduce energy consumption from production as we move towards the goal of “circular economy.” At the same time, we have leveraged creative developments in relevant enterprise resources including NB PC, AE, smart medicine, mobile devices, IoT and so forth so as to integrate the outstanding environment and talents in the fields of medicine in Taiwan with our competitive edge in IT as we endeavor to achieve our operational objective of “Creating lifestyles of wellness for mankind through technology” by strategic deployments in the domains of smart medicine and healthcare business. Presently, we have injected resources in the fields of long-term care, telemedicine, EMR, smart wards, cancer immunotherapy and so forth in addition to the establishment of Sunshine Vitality Clinic as we delve into the field of precision discipline and collaborate with numerous other medical institutions and clinics and make new progress towards the core of AI smart medicine. Hopefully, with our innovative technologies, Compal will be able to promote well-being for mankind and a better future for society.

VI.   Creating a society of joy and happiness by caring for the disadvantaged

Guided by our corporate mission of “giving back to the society what we have taken from it,” with the joint effort from all employees and Chau-Ing Hsu Social Welfare and Charity Foundation, Compal has proactively involved itself in the fulfillment of social responsibilities as a corporate citizen. In the past year, we have given greater emphasis to the promotion of education in rural townships, extended greater care to the lives of the disadvantaged minorities, embraced diverse cultures and advocated environmental protection. By integrating internal and external resources of the whole company, all employees and our supply chain partners, we aspire to change the society with the power we hold as a business so that we can contribute to the creation of a “society of joy and happiness.” With activities and events such as blood donation, charity auctions, helping out seniors in various communities, fundraising runs for children with cancer and so forth, our employees have adequately proven their zeal and enthusiasm in giving back to the society.

As we pursue our goal of creating a society of joy and happiness, Compal shall continue to inject more effort and attention to the development of the Company’s core strengths; we will embrace reform and innovation, strengthen our cultivation of key talents, commit to digital and automation development so as to create synergy between our sophisticated high-tech products and the benevolence and kindness of Compal staff to eradicate the gaps of resource accessibility for disadvantaged minorities. Not only that, we also call on our customers and suppliers in our supply chain to pool our forces and influences as contributing enterprises to achieve this goal, thereby working towards the creation of sustainable lifestyles for mankind.




[1] TCFD: Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures