2019 Compal Charity Art Show “The Fantasyland of Stars”

2019 / 12/ 16

    The 2019 Compal Charity Art Show took place on December 16-20 at Compal Electronics HQ. Teaming up with Taiwan Curio, Compal displayed at the Show the works of Taiwan Curio artists Bo-Chun Wu, Yi-Chu Lo, and Shu-Wei Chen, who have been patronized by Compal for a long time. This year marked the sixth time of the charity art show. From recruiting artworks from employees for charity sales to inviting vulnerable groups to give art performances and exhibit their works, Compal maintains respect for life diversity, takes care of the vulnerable, and contributes to society. Through ceaseless efforts to promote the charity art show with employees, Compal hopes to bring people a happy life with veritas, bonitas, and pulchritude through the beauty of art and the influence of kindness.

    Executive VP Sheng-Hua Peng, Spokesperson and VP Ching-Hsiung Lin, VP Chi-Hsien Liang, and VP Chang-Che Ting of Compal attended the event to show their support. Apart from thanking film director Lin, Ms. Han, and artists for providing excellent artworks on behalf of Compal, VP Lu became the docent to explain the implications of the exhibits. Through face-to-face close encounters, the organizers of this exhibition hope that the public can understand more about the situation of autistic spectrum disorder (ASD) patients and let ASD patients to demonstrate their unique gifts and talent through finding and fulfilling their purpose of life and progressively fuse with society through their own strength. Apart from supporting “respect for life diversity” through real actions, limited edition products were sold at the show for charity to express Compal and employees’ care about corporate social responsibilities.