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As life expectancies increase and birth rates decrease aging of global populations rapidly accelerates. This demographic bomb is pushing demand for advanced healthcare solutions to record levels and making data analysis more important than ever. Compal’s years of experience manufacturing IoT hardware and hiring of industry leaders allowed us to transition to software development with ease. Our experience working with New Taipei City government assisted them in accurately identifying behavioral trends so that appropriate policies could be crafted. Compal’s experience in building databases and coding algorithms to analyze them, as well as our customized service, help design breakthrough healthcare solutions that build business while improving lives.

Coding the Future of Health Care Databases Today

Compal offers integrated solutions through off-line and on-line custom-built cloud databases. Our programmers’ full knowledge covering not just old WAMP and LAMP, but more on new MEAN technologies to reliably collect information and allow integration of deep learning software that accurately analyzes data. We make customized applications and webpages with Angular JS and Node JS. This allows you to move from a traditional structured database to a network structure. Compal has the capability to build platforms that collect the large datasets you need with the emergence of IoT.

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Solutions Integrator that Finds Needles in Haystacks

Compal has invested heavily in enhancing our IoT capabilities by bringing in leaders in IoT with knowledge that extends beyond traditional ODMs. We offer state-of-the-art solutions that reflect emerging trends in healthcare. Our software engineers design algorithms that help clients read massive amounts of data and turn it into meaningful information. In a world of information overload, our data mining programmers from Silicon Valley ensure that you separate the signal from the noise and stay years ahead of technological changes.

New Taipei City Fit for Age (F4A) cloud and apps (

In our most recent endeavor, we created a unique Cloud Platform and health application to meet the specific requests of New Taipei City. The fitness platform that allows the health department to track users’ dietary and exercise habits, and seamlessly integrates feedback. Our health monitor follows the heart rate, blood pressure, exercise records, and weight of users to advise them on optimal solutions. Data gained from Compal’s fitness app gave the city new insight into one of the most popular forms of exercising, which then allowed New Taipei City to focus on improving some of the most popular bike paths. The health department now has the capability to identify and address knowledge gaps with push notifications and raise awareness on the importance of maintaining different aspects of health.

Customized Services for Big and Small Projects

At Compal, we take pride in having the flexibility to adapt to different needs. Whether you are an emerging startup, a market leader, or a governmental body, we have the technical experience and in-depth industry know-how to engineer solutions that advance healthcare and improve lives. On top of developing healthcare solutions, we also help identify product differentiation and scalability, or provide big data consultancy.