2020 Compal's Volunteer Club - Service at Bali Ai-Hsin Home and Shakeng Elementary School

In 2020, Compal volunteer came to Bali Ai-Hsin Home as usual to meet with children. Since 2007, Compal Volunteer Club has formed a friendship with the children in Bali Ai-Hsin Home. The little one that heard we sharing story of the picture book that year is now graduated from high school. In order to get closer to them; we cooperate with the Compal guitar club with high-level performances and conduct a live concert. Everyone spends a beautiful Saturday afternoon with singing. Every time, in the sound of encore, the concert ended, and we promise to meet each others in the next time. Back then, we used stories to build a friendship, and now we use singing to continue our unchanging friendship.

Volunteers of Compal volunteer and Chau-Ing Hsu Social Welfare and Charity Foundation work together for severval years to serve primary schools in remote rural areas. In 2020, we came to Shakeng Elementary School in Guanxi Township, Hsinchu County. We have a deep bond with the children in Shakeng Elementary School. In 2017, we used to come here to serve, and on Earth Day in 2018, we had a clean mountain activity with the them. Three years passed, the upper grade children graduated, and the lower grade children grew up. In addition to the picture book story sharing, we combined with the winter solstice festival: "Eat dumplings in the north and glutinous rice balls in the south" and made dumplings with the children. It’s okay if the hand make dumplings don’t look good. The important thing is that children can make their own meals and learn "No paid no gain".Before the dumplings were cooked, the children took we to visit their favorite school. This is not just give a hurried and cursory glance, the children were very careful to introduce each vegetable garden and garden they cultivated together. After the meal, the children who cherish food and do not waste food also take the rest of the meal home to share with their family, which is really warm. Compal volunteer provided the most heartwarming companionship to the elementary schools in the remote villages in need, whether it is a picture book story sharing, DIY or group game. We hoped to lead the children to enjoy the learning with happiness.




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2019 Compal's Volunteer Club - Service at Xinwu District Bengang Elementary School


2018 Compal's Volunteer Club – with the students of Haibin Elementary School  played at Dapeng Bay

Colleagues of the Volunteer Club arrived at Pingtung County’s Haibin Elementary School on the morning of July 14th and the Principal of Zhao Xiqing introduced them to this charming seaside elementary school. The Principal, who developed the school by fully implementing local culture into the school, expressed his gratitude to the HCI Foundation for its support programs for disadvantaged school children and initiating the early morning newspaper reading activities as they have greatly assisted education in rural areas. After meeting with the principals, Compal Electronics’ volunteers met with the children participating in this 2-day camp.

After the event began, Compal volunteers and schoolchildren formed their own groups for the camp. The children participating in the camp were of varying ages as they ranged from being 1st graders to 6th graders. After being split into groups, they began their tour of the elementary school’s campus as the children were happy being hosts and introducing Haibin Elementary School and Donggang’s delicacies to the volunteers. The students had a representative introduce the uniqueness of the elementary school as it is the only school in Taiwan to have a Confucius Temple within the campus! During Teacher’s Day of every year (the birth of Confucius), senior students will follow ancient traditions and perform the Liu I Wu as part of the Memorial Ceremony for Confucius.

The event that was most popular with children was “Taking the Dapeng Bay No. 1 Sightseeing Boat" while drinking wheat tea, roasting oysters. They passed by the Oyster Shell Island, which was formed from a customary convention of oyster farmers of discarding oyster shells at a set location. The students and volunteers sat on the boat as they enjoyed the cross-sea bridge show.



The students of Haibin Elementary School were full of energy and enthusiasm, as they waved and greeted other boats that passed by. Their happy mood also made the volunteers happy as they also waved at boats that passed by! After disembarking from the sightseeing boat, the older volunteers walked or ran with the students across the Dapeng Bay Bridge, the first openable bridge in Taiwan. The beautiful sunset, the faint clouds and the seagulls flying in the distance during their walk made them appreciate the beauty of southern Taiwan.

The students of Haibin Elementary School then took the Compal Electronic volunteers to visit the unique "Lord of the King Boat" in Donglong Palace. Principal Zhao explained that a “Burning the King Boat” Celebration is held every 3 years from October 28th to November 4th, and invited everyone to take part in the ceremony. Donggang’s Welcoming of the King is one of Taiwan's important traditional cultural ceremonies. The ritual of Burning the King Boat was originally to send the God of Plague away from the island, and now it has become an activity of praying for blessings. Everyone hung a prayer on the "King Boat" and watched the golden archway that had “Peace and Prosperity” written on it shine in the sunset. This marked the ending of the day as volunteers got to learn about marine ecology and local culture.

July 15th was the second day of the camp as Compal’s volunteers prepared three storybooks to teach the students about respecting other people's ideas, listen to their own voices, learn to believe in their own uniqueness, and being themselves! Volunteers also shared their travel photos of Machu Picchu in Peru, and introduced the local nature and crops to the students. The students couldn’t take their eyes off of all the different kinds of birds, big lizards, sloths, alpacas and hordes of parrots that they’ve never seen before and kept asking questions. The volunteers also lead the student to play group games, hoping that they would appreciate the importance of building a team and cooperating with different people.


Compal Electronics’ volunteers hope to provide the students of Haibin Elementary School a happy learning experience during the summer. The Principal of Haibin Elementary School, the volunteers, and the feedback combined to create many distinctive innovative ideas such as divine sedan chairs made out of building blocks, spotlight sculpture of divine sedan chairs, electric boats, carved wooden brushes to have students learn happily every day, safeguard marine resources, and preserve the beauty of their hometown. The volunteers were highly encouraged and will continue to work hard and innovate.

Compal Electronics’ volunteer club has been using holidays and weekends to go out as service groups for a long time, doing what they can to help others. The company hopes that more colleagues will join these volunteers and the volunteer club to make even greater contributions!


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