Compal - 2019 iF Design Award Gold, Ranked 17th Worldwide

2019 / 03/ 21

On March 15th, 2019, at the BMW Welt in Munich, Germany, the general manager of Compal Weng Zongbin attended the German iF Design Awards Ceremony, which holds the reputation of being the “Academy Awards for Design.” Compal stood out amidst more than 6,400 pieces from 52 countries, and surpassed last year's total of 11 award-winning pieces by winning 13 design awards this year. One of the revolutionary innovative computer products won the iF Design Awards’ highest honor of “Gold.” This was the only Gold won by Taiwan's IT industry this year, and also marks a milestone for Compal as it is the company’s 2nd consecutive Gold in two years.

As the recipients gathered at the ceremony that night, general manager Weng Zongbin went to Germany to receive the award and gave the following statement, "This Compal Electronics’ 2nd consecutive iF Design Award Gold in two years, which indicates that our innovative designs are relatable to the market." Holding the Gold Award trophy in his hand, he continued by saying, "This highest honor of excellence is proof of our team's commitment towards continuous innovation and design of inspirational products. We sincerely thank the iF Evaluation Board for their recognition and affirmation of our design concepts and visions."

The 13 award-winning designs, including computers from Product Design category, are the Gold Award "Lumi 2.0," followed by "Book+," "CyberAR," "Dual Cylindrical 360, ""DuoFlip," "LTE Rim 360," "Hybrid Convertible," "PowerNote," "SoundBook," "UniSlim," and "VA Laptop." The gaming hardware design of the same category is the "BendTop Arc" which is also an award-winning design. Finally, "Hyperfit" also received an award in the Health sub-category of the Professional Concept category.

Compal not only won Gold for two consecutive years, but has also won 67 iF design awards over 8 years since 2011. Due to its continuous commitment to design, Compal ranked 17th in the world from 2015 to 2019 in the “iF Design Awards Global Enterprise Rankings.” The iF Design Award symbolizes that the company has performed excellently in terms of innovation, functionality, ergonomics and design aesthetics. Compal Electronics will employ a spirit of innovation, transcendence and harmony to continue providing dazzling designs to the world.