Compal participates in the HCI Foundation’s “Food Collection for Kindness and Warm Food Boxes Support System”

2019 / 04/ 18

At 3 pm on March 26th, Compal had its colleagues at Taipei, Linkou, Pingzhen factories take part in the “Warm Food Boxes” Program!

This food-raising activity, which was not included in the annual plan, was brought up when the HCI Foundation discovered that the overall economic situation in Pingzhen, Linkou and the neighboring Taoyuan areas were very poor. Disadvantaged children, had to deal with their parents being unemployed due to dismissals, severe physical illnesses, and sudden major accidents, which make a life for these children even more difficult as they struggle to fill their stomachs with food! Compal immediately responded by providing "Warm Food Boxes" with foods such as rice, noodles, cereals, instant food products, etc., to allow families in need of life assistance to get through these next few months.

The original HCI Foundation investigation found that 137 disadvantaged children were in need of food supplies. However, Compal colleagues registered to claim 192 "Warm Food Boxes" at 7 PM on March 26th, completing the participation target in advance! A big thank you to the 85 colleagues from the Taipei Headquarters, SDBG Building, Linkou, Pingzhen and Lite Factories for providing 192 supplement food boxes to help the struggling children and families. The colleagues at Compal Electronics also deserve a thank you for their cooperation and assistance in collecting an average of 8.5 kg per food box for a total 1,632 kg of food boxes, allowing the volunteers of the HCI Foundation to deliver the final food boxes to children in need on April 18th and completing the limited-time event of “Collecting Food for Kindness, Filling Children’s’ Stomachs” within 24 days.

Each food box is filled with all kinds of food, which display the love and warmth behind the actions of Compal’s employees.