Compal x Acer Operation Environmental Protection – E-waste Recycling Activity

2019 / 04/ 01

Compal' partner, Acer's "Earth Recycling Program" set up collection points at the Compal' Headquarters and the SDBG Building on March 28th, inviting colleagues to recycle the e-waste in their homes such as various charging cables, keyboards, mouse devices, and CD/DVD discs.


A total of 95 colleagues participated in the “Operation Environmental Protection” Event on April 1st, recycling approximately 370.7 kilograms of e-waste. The recycle money from the collected e-waste was donated to the “Taipei Orphan Welfare Foundation.” Due to the enthusiastic participation of our colleagues, we will organize regular “Operation Environmental Protection” activities and continue working with business partners to support the UN's sustainability goals (SDGs12 : Responsible Consumption And Production) through action, “Make Earth a happy place, make orphans happy and make ourselves happy!"