Compal "A Walk through the City: A tour of the Keelung River Ecology + Xikou Constructed Wetlands"

2019 / 04/ 27

In 2019, Compal’s Green Living Health Club took the ecology tour “CA Walk through the City: A tour of the Keelung River Ecology + Xikou Constructed Wetlands” so that colleagues could go outdoors with their families, and enjoy a sunny and breezy walk through the city.

The tour started out from Songshan Station as participants walked along the Keelung River Bank and the Xikou Constructed Wetlands, walking and listening to the city’s sounds while appreciating the city’s rich ecology and culture. The tour’s colleagues learned about the installation art of Songshan Station, and the origin behind “Xikou, the place where the river turns,” (now the Raohe Night Market), and got to see Songshan Elementary School’s 100-year-old Cihtong tree and Ciyou Temple’s 100-year-old Banyan tree.

As colleagues walk along the banks of the Keelung River and pass by the Rainbow Bridge, the tour arrived at the Xikou Constructed Wetlands. Enthusiastic volunteer teachers introduced colleagues to the wetland ecological pool’s plants: native species such as the umbrella plant, water thatch, common rush, adlay, etc. The volunteers dedicated their time, energy and shared their knowledge of the Xikou Constructed Wetlands to exert their greatest efforts for the environment’s ecology and its native species, serving as great examples for the colleagues.

We hope that everyone will cherish the ecology and environments that we come into contact with, and that the environment of native species can be preserved so that all life can grow in harmony.