Commonwealth Taiwan Top 2,000 - Compal one of the Top 6 in the Manufacturing Industry June 10, 2019

2019 / 06/ 10

   In 2019, the Commonwealth Magazine published the "Taiwan Top 2,000" rankings, and Compal ranked sixth in the manufacturing industry in 2018. In the rankings, "Computer Systems" are still the number one industry in terms of total manufacturing turnover, while Compal has risen from sixth to fourth in in the computer systems industry and is the 37th most profitable manufacturer.

              <Source: CommonWealth>
The Taiwan Top 2,000 includes 1,350 manufacturers, 650 companies from the service industry, and 100 companies from the financial industry. Compal's 2018 consolidated revenue reached a record high of NT$967.706 billion, a 9.02% increase from the previous year. Non-PC business revenue contribution exceeded 30%.

                    <Source: CommonWealth>
  As the world experiences a wave of digitalization, and faces uncertainties with regards the international political and economic scenery in 2019, the company has actively installed a new economic layout in response to customer demands. The company is estimated to increase revenue contribution proportion from Non-PC businesses to 40%.
   Chairman Rock Hsu said, "The development directions for this year will continue promoting process optimization, increasing productivity, accelerating automation and digital smart manufacturing. I expect the company’s shipment total of 5C-related electronic products to continue growing as it rides last year's momentum and the revenue contribution percentage of non-PC product businesses is expected to move closer towards the goal of 40%."

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