2018 Compal Charity Arts Exhibition – Family Drawing together for Charity

2018 / 09/ 28

The "2018 Compal Charity Arts Exhibition" series of activities, officially launched in September, was jointly organized by the HCI Foundation (Hsu Chauing Social Welfare & Charity Foundation) and Compal Electronics, INC.. The usually-quiet Compal headquarters was filled with the laughter of children during the afternoon of September 29th. A total of 18 families participated in the "Family Drawing together for Charity" Event. The age limit for children participating in the event was limited to elementary school students, but a lot of colleagues brought their families as approximately 60 people were in attendance. Chairman Hsu of the HCI Foundation was also in attendance of this doggy-themed hand-painted bags creation event, and was the sponsor of painting and packaging materials of the event.

All the created pieces will be exhibited at the Compal headquarters in November, and the proceeds from the sale will be donated to "doghome.org.tw" or the "Taiwan Guide Dog Association" to care for the doggies!

Actions speak louder than words as Compal’s employees teach their families using their actions, and did charity with their families to send out love and make the world a better place.