2018 HCI Foundation – Industry, Government and University Joining Hands to Create a Future for Science and Education

2018 / 10/ 31

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The HCI Foundation (Hsu Chauing Social Welfare & Charity Foundation ) has watched over the disadvantaged children of Taoyuan for a long time. On October 31st, Chairman of the New Compal Group Hsu Shenxiong donated high-tech equipment to the National Central University to promote technological innovative education. Compal donated 15 notebook computers and 15 3D printers that were produced and developed by XYZ Printing.
This cooperation between the HCI Foundation, the New Compal Group, National Central University and the Taoyuan Municipal Government Education Bureau hopes to innovate education through technology, promoting maker education amongst the students in the Taoyuan area, and promoting and implementing children’s programs for synergistic education effect. This will hopefully allow the students and teachers of Taoyuan’s junior high schools and elementary schools to experience different types of learning, and have a more complete technology education learning support system and create new value in education.
The three parties jointly developed technology innovation courses, using Wenhua Elementary School, Xinmin Elementary School, Xinwu Elementary School, Tsaota Elementary School, and Puxing Elementary School as the Star Schools. Teachers will use their free time to take part in technology expertise acquisition seminars and arrange for them to take part in STEAM experience groups during winter and summer vacations.
In the future, the HCI Foundation will cooperate with the National Central University Learning Technology Research Center to provide curriculum designs, teacher training, star school teacher training, online courses (MOOCs), teacher home deliveries (training teachers in rural areas), student camp activities, and various administrative and teaching support.
Chairman Hsu Shengxiong has been looking forward to writing new futures for rural and disadvantaged children with learning through technology. Chairman Hsu said that mastering the preparations for the future of digital life, knowing how to use technology for learning has become an urgent direction for school education in order to meet the needs of future talents and train children to solve problems. The company must encourage schools to pull other schools using strategic alliances to establish foundations in STEM education and learning with technology.


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