Compal Continuous Cultivation of Sustainability sees results, Awarded with the Taiwan Enterprise Sustainability Award

2018 / 11/ 22


Compal was awarded the "TOP50 Corporate Sustainability Report - Platinum Award" in 2018, and took part in the "2018 TCSA Taiwan Enterprise Sustainability Award" Ceremony hosted by the Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy (TAISE). Deputy general manager and spokesperson Lu Qingxiong accepted the award on behalf of the company. TAISE has hosted the “Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Award” selection since 2008 to encourage the promotion of corporate sustainability and disclosure of governance information to recognize companies that have fulfilled their corporate social responsibilities. The total number of enterprises that have been reviewed has reached 209. The gathering of companies at the awards ceremony today showed that Taiwanese companies are committed to environmental, social and corporate governance development, and are determined to being sustainable businesses.

Compal has long adhered to the corporate mission of “Innovation, Harmony and Transcendence” to manage business continuity, delve deep into environmental, societal and corporate governance issues, and attach importance to caring for its employees. This year's goal is to respond to the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs 17), and actively promote relevant policies and activities. Compal hopes that every employee will feel responsible towards society on their own, and treat sustainability as their own goal. Compal Electronics' deputy general manager and spokesperson Lu Qingxiaong said, "Compal has been preparing corporate social responsibility reports since 2010. Winning the Top50 Enterprise Sustainability Report - Platinum Award shows the company’s smooth transparency in its communication with stakeholders and disclosure of information, genuinely allowing the outside world to understand the company's current situation and development."

In 2018, Compal has been selected for the FTSE4GOOD Index for the 3rd consecutive year and has been selected for the MSCI ESG Leaders Index for the 12th consecutive year, which affirms the long-term investment made towards sustainability by a large international organization. In addition, Compal also scored among the top 6-20% of the Taiwan Corporate Governance Review. In the future, we will continue to uphold the values of being law-abiding and honest in providing innovative and comprehensive products and technologies. The company will provide the most advanced and comprehensive services to our customers, and actively contribute towards society with the practical “mutually beneficial” actions to create a green and friendly environment, and usher in a brighter future.