Medical Center "Cancer Prevention Seminar Series II" Eat these to Fight Cancer

2018 / 08/ 21

The Compal Medical Center held the "Cancer Prevention Seminar Series II" for colleagues and invited Taiwan Adventist Hospital Sports Center nutritionist Tseng Qi August 21, 2018, to review daily diets and anti-cancer diets to see if everyone is eating correctly. The nutritionist starts by explaining in detail how food is broken down once it enters the stomach and the rhythmic movement of digestion. The 58 colleagues that participated in this seminar reflected on their daily diets based on the nutritionist’s lecture and discovered that they basically do not intake enough fruits and vegetables!
The easiest way to assess the number of vegetables consumed per meal is to have one-third of your meal being vegetables. People should eat seasonal ingredients, take in all kinds of foods, and correct poor eating habits to methodically make yourself healthier.