Compal added New Employee 「Paid Volunteer Leave」

2018 / 09/ 06

Starting from September 2018, Compal Electronics has added a new Employee "Paid Volunteer Leave!"

Compal has added a "Paid Volunteer Leave" to employees in Taiwan to encourage employees to participate in the company’s social welfare activities, exert their personal strength to do what they can and to help those in need. The company expects colleagues to act in supporting Compal in promoting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal - SDGs 17 sustainable goals and continuously participate in the charity activities of the HCI Foundation (Hsu Chauing Social Welfare & Charity Foundation). Hopefully, employees can work together with the company to care for the disadvantaged and participate in rural education efforts to realize social welfare and environmental sustainability.
The relevant regulations are based on Compal 's Human Resources and Administration Management Department. For more information, please contact Compal CSRO( Corporate Social Responsibility Office).