The year-end-performance of Compal's reading volunteer project- volunteers of National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU)

2018 / 08/ 10

In order to encourage college students to participate in volunteer activities and to promote education related to reading and environmental protection, the project of reading volunteers began in 2007 for Twelfth years. Since April of this year, the reading volunteer program of Compal was executed by 19 college associations. On July 23rd, we received the first sharing. It was a summer homing service organized by the NTNU students.
This activity is aimed at the six to nine grade students in Peng Hu county Makung junior high school. The curriculum is designed by “self-exploration” as the main axis of the project. With the engaging and interesting way of teaching, the college students integrated the local and traditional culture of Penghu, the important marine living so that they can introduction of environmental protection ideas, the cultivation of questions asking and answer giving, and the use of natural science experts. All for developing students' ability to deeply think and solve problems. 26 students from NTNU planned and executed the program, and use the lively and interesting games to check the learning outcomes of the children, so that they can realize the changes that the new knowledge brings to themselves and develop the habit of reading.