Cancer Prevention Lecture Series-Have you done the right thing about cancer prevention?

2018 / 07/ 20

    Compal’s Medical office held a series of lectures on cancer prevention for our staff. On July 17, 2018, we invited Dr. Liu Peng Chi (柳朋馳), a family medicine department of Xinguang(新光) hospital, to share the information of topic "For Preventing the Cancer,  Did You Do Right?" According to the 2017 leading causes of death in Taiwan, cancer is the leading cause. Among them, the mortality rate of lung cancer ranks first for the 10 leading cause of death in 8 consecutive years.
After the lecture, one of the attendees said: "what the doctors are talking about is very practical. In fact, many of them are known to us. For example, we should pay attention to a balanced diet, regular exercise, 
and a relaxed mood. But it is easier said than done. It’s too busy to do so. "

Dr. Liu reminds our colleagues to eat healthy food, learn to relax in life, maintain a balance of mood and develop continuous exercise habits. In the same while, It is also important that smokers can gradually quit smoking for their own health and others'. We all concern about the health of our employees, and also, trying to maintaining the good air quality in the occupation. It’s all our responsibility for continuing to care for the earth and protect the ecological environment. And a balanced living habit makes a better life.