2018 Launch of Compal Electronics and Fu Jen Catholic University Digital Learning Public Welfare Cooperation Case

2018 / 06/ 21

        On June 21st, 2018, Director Ding Changjie led the CSR team on behalf of Compal Electronics and to provide encouragement to Fu Jen Catholic University for the upcoming Applied Digital Learning Program.
   It is now the 8th year of Compal Electronics’ and Fu Jen Catholic University’s cooperating to promote digital education in Taiwan. The tablet PCs donated by Compal Electronics are primarily used teaching aids in the digital opportunity center (DOC) for teaching students in the rural areas. The convenience of digital tablets is used for the convenience of digital tablet vehicles to overcome regional obstacles. Community residents are also encouraged to participate in learning digitally regardless of age level as it can increase social participation of elderly individuals to learn without restrictions. Miaoli county’s Gonguan Township DOC (Fuji Elementary School) Teacher Hsu Yinghe had this to say regarding DOC's action learning program, "Even though elderly individuals come to class and learn it this time, they will forget it the next time they come to class. However, as long as they are willing to come out and interact with other community members, that is a positive incentive to continue promoting this cause!"
  The Taiwan Rural Education Caring Center plans to use this program for daily educational trainings of enrolled student teachers, and use the program when providing services to rural areas and communities during the winter and summer vacations. The Fu Jen Catholic University Hospital will also use this program for when providing medical services to the rural areas.

<Director Ding, on behalf of Compal Electronics, has donated a number of digital computer equipment to the Fu Jen Catholic University Rural Education Caring Center, which was received by the Vice President of Mission Father Leszek Niewdana, representing Fu Jen Catholic University.>

  Compal Electronics, local teachers and students, community groups and medical circles work together from their respective positions to contribute towards Taiwan's digital and rural education, and medical care to promote the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals SDGs#4 of ensuring inclusive and quality education for all, and promote lifelong learning. Work towards the goal of quality education!