Cycle along Taitung and Hualien to Send out Love - Compal SDBG ranked 1st

2018 / 06/ 16

       Taiwan’s weather during June is literally blazing hot as 28 Compal employees were dripping with sweat as they answered the call of Hsu Wenda, Senior VP of the Smart Device Business Group Procurement Center. These colleagues used the most energy-conserving and natural way to exert their own strength by cycling 164.5 kilometers from Taipei to Taitung to send out love and provide care on this 3-day employee trip. Senior VP Hsu has been helping others for many years, and his actions have also influenced his colleagues. Everyone knows that there is a piggy bank in the Procurement Center’s office, many colleagues will empty their pockets and put the change into the piggy bank. The colleagues know that the filled piggy banks will be donated to charitable foundations in need of care, and a small drop of water can quench the thirst of those that desperately need it.

   In addition to visiting the New Dawn Home for the Disabled and responding to World Vision's "30-hour Famine Activity" on the final day, the tour also rode to the Taitung Christian Hospital to donate funding and offer support. The landscape of the Hualien-Taitung often changes, and residents of various rural areas need more care, especially when it comes to educating children and caring for elderly individuals. The UN’s SDGs17 has 3 priorities of, “eliminating poverty,” “eliminating hunger,” and “health and welfare.” People should put themselves in others’ shoes and the company hopes that more people will participate in volunteer activities or find ways to help those in need.

  This has been the 3rd consecutive year that the SDBG Procurement Center has called on teams in the hope that colleagues will pay attention to their own health in addition to focusing on work. Exercise is the one and only way to improve one’s physical condition and cycling is one of the best options out there! Employees don’t have to compromise their jobs by going on Company Trips to cycle and do charity work. Lawrence, a colleague who assisted Senior VP Hsu in planning the trip, said that, “Our initial goal is to cycle and send out love all around Taiwan. We can market the places we pass through using dots, and connect them with lines to form an outline of Taiwan! "

Compal has always treated its employees like family using a family-oriented business philosophy, hoping that our colleagues will support each other, and grow together as members of the big Compal family. As technology continues evolving day by day, we must always do the right thing as tiny acts of kindness can contribute towards making the world a better place.


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