Green Living Health Club – Neihu District’s Neigou Creek Ecological Tour

2018 / 06/ 02

       On June 2, Compal’s Green Living Health Club arranged the Neigou Creek Ecological Tour to give colleagues the opportunity to learn about the Neihu District’s ecology, which happens to be where the company’s headquarters is located!

  Neigou Creek’s upstream, located in the Neihu District, originating from the foot of Wuchishan eventually flowing into the Keelung River. As the greater Taipei area is filed with people, the Taipei Municipal Government Public Works Bureau Maintenance Office carried out the rectification of the Neigou Creek from 1995 until 2006 to remain safe from floods, and relieve the stress from sudden rainfalls during heavy rains, typhoons or the rainy season. The Geotechnical Engineering Office regularly maintains and improves the area’s ecological engineering conservation.


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Source by Geotechincal Engineering Office Public Works Department, Taipei cityGoverment