Commonwealth Magazine’s "Taiwan Top 2,000" unveiled! Compal Electronics, Inc. ranked among the top 6 in the manufacturing indust

2018 / 05/ 15


    Commonwelath Magazine’s Taiwan Top 2,000 results were unveiled on May 8th and Compal Computer retained its top 6 ranking in the manufacturing industry by placing 6th in 2017.
Commonwealth Magazine’s "Taiwan Top 2,000" included 1,350 manufacturers, 650 companies from the service industry, and 100 companies from the financial industry. The ranked manufacturers have broken out of their two-year slump and are back on track this year, showing progress by increasing their gross revenue growth rate by 8.44% from NT$ 26.202521 trillion in 2016 to NT$ 28.41304 trillion in 2018. The average rate of return also increased from 5.75% in 2016 to 6.07% in 2018. The total net profit was NT$ 1.725971 trillion, which is up by NT$ 218.589 billion from last year (Commonwealth Magazine).

(Table 1, 2018, Commonwealth Magazine "Taiwan Top 2,000" – Overall Manufacturer Performance)

  In 2017, the manufacturing industry faced a shortage of materials, price increases, lack of labor in China, and exchange rate fluctuations. However, Compal Electronics’ employees came together and even though the total shipment amount of the 5 major electronics categories (computers, communication, consumer electronics, channels and automotive electronics) only grew by 1%, but the company’s combined revenue was 16% higher than the previous year with a value of NT$887.657 billion. In addition to solidifying our foundational businesses in 2018, the company has continued to develop non-laptop computer businesses such as automotive electronics, industrial computers, smart medical devices, smart devices, and the Internet of Things to achieve a diversified business strategy and have everyone work together to achieve the pre-set goals!

(Table 2, 2018, Commonwealth Magazine "Taiwan Top 2,000" - Top 10 Manufacturers)