2018 Compal Blood Run Day – Come Together for Blood Donations

2018 / 02/ 09

  February 6, 2018 will be a day remembered by everyone!

     In the morning, Compal Headquarters and the Smart Device Business Group Building employees held a blood donation activity. The weather was fine in the morning and even though the temperature was very low, there was no more rain as the wind continued to blow.

   Not deterred by the cold weather, more than 40 colleagues from the Compal headquarters registered to donate blood. The SDBG building blood donation waiting area also had long queues. The Compal headquarters had more women donating blood than men and even though women could only donate a limited amount of blood, the female colleagues did what they could to help those in need.

  On February 6th, a total of 135 people donated 206 bags of blood at the Compal headquarters, and 93 people donated 155 bags of blood at the SDBG building. A total of 228 people donated 361 bags of blood. Compal cares about people, and donated lots of blood!

  At 11:50 PM of the same day, an earthquake with a magnitude of 6.0 on the Richter scale hit Hualien. We were all flustered and shook up as we also experienced the earthquake in Taipei when it occurred! Under the leadership of Chairman Hsu Shengxiong, Compal Electronics announced on February 8th that it would donate NT$ 10 million to help with the earthquake relief, and hoped that it would help those affected by the earthquake.

  The Taipei Blood Donation Center announced on February 8th that Yilan, Hualien and Taitung were areas serviced by the Taipei Blood Donation Center. However, the supply was very thin after the Hualien Earthquake, and only 5.2 days of blood supply remained in the blood bank! The blood bank was nowhere close to its safety threshold of 10 days’ worth of blood before Chinese New Year.

  If Compal’ colleagues didn’t catch on to the blood donation activities on February 6th and are still willing to donate blood, bring your ID to the closest blood donation truck near you to donate blood. You can look up the locations of blood donation trucks all across Taiwan.