Ignition Ceremony of School Buses donated to Wutai Elementary School’s Kindergarten in Wutai Township

2018 / 01/ 05

圖/霧台國小提供 分享

    On January 5th, Compal Electronics Inc. and the HCI Foundation (Hsu Chauing Social Welfare & Charity Foundation) sent out their angels - CSR Manager Chou and Foundation Direction Wang represented Chairman Hsu Shenxion and Chairman Tsai Lizhu to travel 400 kilometers to Wutai Elementary School in Pintung County’s Wutai Township. They arrived at the school to deliver the “School Buses” to the Wutai Elementary School’s Kindergarten, a new year’s gift that was made possible through everyone’s contributions!

  Compal   has been committed to promoting rural education to eliminate the gap in educational resources that cause differences between the cities and rural areas. Education cannot wait! A sustainable future needs to be established by planting seeds and supplementing the growth of the youth.

  Under the fundraising call of the Wutai Township Love Our Town Development Association, the HCI Foundation (Hsu Chauing Social Welfare & Charity Foundation) and Compal held a series of thanksgiving activities in November 2017 such as charity concerts and hand-painted bags charity activities to raise funds for purchasing the School Buses.

  Foundation Chairman Tsai’s personally hand-painted a “Persimmon-Fortune for All Things” bag in response to these events, and Compal Electronics Chairman Hsu used the hand-painted the “Compal “Crabs”Thank You Very Much” bag to express his gratitude to colleagues for their charitable work and efforts towards environmental protection. The funds raised during this event were completely used to purchase the School Buses, and the HCI foundation will supplement the insufficient funds to purchase brand new School Buses for the children of the Kindergarten.

  Wutai Elementary School Principal Yang Ruilin and Kindergarten Director Lin Ruolan stated that Wutai Elementary School has 15 students in the mountainous area and 30 students enrolled at the branch school. The children are scattered amongst different tribes and there are no school buses to pick them up, which affect their ability to attend school. Word could not express the happiness on the faces of the children at the Ignition Ceremony as they will have more time to learn and study, and won’t have to travel that far to go to school.




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