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Compal Electronics, INC.








Ocean Browser


Play with the Ocean; Surf the World!


An intelligent and high-speed browser. Easy to use, abundant gestures, and clear guidance. Supports Android 4.0+ Tablet PC.
Giving you the most simple and suitable experience by analyzing users’ habits.


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1. Introduce Six Gestures Shortcut Control Function:
a) Ocean Fishing: Demo>>>>>>>
One finger randomly slide on screen to select multiple items when multiple selection modes of bookmark or tabs overview.
b) Quick Controls Mode:
Three fingers flick up at browser web page: Turn on “Quick controls” mode when “Quick controls” mode off.
Three fingers flick down when browsing web mode: Turn off “Quick controls” mode when “Quick controls” mode on.
c) Tabs Overview Mode:
Three fingers pinch in at browser web page: Turn on “Tabs Overview”.
d) Smart Crop Mode:
Two fingers long press when browsing web page: Turn on “Smart crop” mode.
e) Edit Bookmark:
One finger long press at bookmark or Tabs Overview page: Turn on multiple selection modes.
One finger long press selected bookmark or folder when multiple selection modes: Move all selected bookmark and folder.
f) Quick Navigation:
Three fingers from right to left: Next Page.
Three fingers from left to right: Previous Page.
One finger long press “Back” button when browsing web page: launch History.
Notes: Add test for three fingers touch support because part device does not support three fingers touch.
2. Include Five New Features:
a) Tabs Overview.
b) Smart crop.
c) Quick controls.
d) Find on page.
e) Quick guide.

* OceanBrowser name and logos are trademarks of Compal Inc.